Hard Reset

Spacious Skies
"It's crowded in here."

Mars has it’s own unique sights at first light. The rusty flavor of red illuminates everything and sunlight that hits Mars has very little to do other than soak or reflect off the mostly shadowless face of the plain looking planet. The giant silver spires that reached to the skies from the different cities and the skyhook dot the surface along with the occasional breaks, canyons, mesas, and raging dust clouds.

A prologue

Jack Honzo had long ago engaged in an un-winnable battle that cost him his life. It was on Earth in a fairy tale land where once upon a time we all lived on the same planet and grew up there as a species, but it’s a dead planet now. We unleashed technological horrors beyond our control thinking that we were doing good and instead annihilated everything. Now Jack Honzo has no memory of that last stand, but he does recall his initiation into the newly forming defense league at the time when all things started to fall apart. It was a local mesh experiment that helped to farcast as many souls off the planet as humanly possible and even managed to send his backup into space.


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